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  1. True Blue . . (Ted Rosenthal)
  2. Bar Hopping . . (Ted Rosenthal)
  3. While We're Young ..(A. Wilder)
  4. Bambi . . (Ted Rosenthal)
  5. Royal Horse . . (Ted Rosenthal)
  6. Expressions . . (Ted Rosenthal)
  7. Gone With the Wind . . (Magidson/Wrubel)
  8. Come Rain or Shine . . (Harold Arlen)
  9. Monk's Dream . . (Thelonius Monk)
  10. True Blue . . (Ted Rosenthal)

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"The writing and playing exude a confidence that guarantees he can execute any lick he writes or hears-and it will swing. Rosenthal's poise rubs off on his four colleagues: Dick Oatts, alto and soprano sax; Brian Lynch, trumpet; Johannes Weidenmueller, bass; John Riley, drums. "True Blue" boasts an expanded trill figure that descends like water swirling down a sink with superb laid-back control. Rosenthal's title tune is a contemplative melody for piano and soprano sax, heightened by Rosenthal's obbligato weaving throughout Oatts' pensive statement. "Bar Hopping" begins like a film running fast-forward until it finds a comfortable, way-up groove. The whole album is like this: high-powered soloing, excellent charts. There's even room for humor: the spirals of "True Blue" are reprised and "Monk's Dream" is envisioned in 7/8-even the stride coda." --Harvey Siders, Jazz Times, Feb. 2004